If you or your companies or clients are holding appreciated property of any kind, whether in the form of investments like stock, bonds, or a passive investment in a pass-through entity, or in the form of vacant land or a commercial or residential building, or other capital assets, there is a new opportunity to sell the property and defer and reduce the capital gain, while investing in a new business or property that could potentially be sold tax-free.

The Federal tax reform bill enacted earlier this year contains a new tax incentive aimed at directing capital and investment into America’s distressed areas. The new program is called the Opportunity Zone program.Continue Reading A New Opportunity for Deferring and Reducing Capital Gains While Making Attractive Investments in America’s Distressed Areas

Late last week, the governors of New York and Pennsylvania submitted their selections for opportunity zone designations to the U.S. Department of Treasury. Those nominations are expected to be approved by Treasury to take advantage of the new federal tax incentive program. The federal Opportunity Zone program is a new tax incentive designed to direct

The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund has just released the list of New Jersey’s approved Opportunity Zones. The Opportunity Zones are identified by specific census tracts provided below.

The federal Opportunity Zone program is a new tax incentive designed to direct investor capital into various low-income and distressed areas around the country. On March 21, Governor Murphy submitted New Jersey’s list of eligible census tracts seeking Opportunity Zone designation.Continue Reading New Jersey “Opportunity Zones” Just Revealed

New Opportunities for Urban and Distressed Areas

The newly enacted federal Opportunity Zone program could be a game changer for economic development and tax incentive policy here in New Jersey and across the country. The program provides a new avenue for directing investment into certain urban and distressed areas with significant tax benefits.

The Opportunity Zone program was enacted as part of the recently signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and provides an opportunity to defer current capital gains and reduce future gains for investing in certain funds organized to direct capital into businesses and property based in the specified zones. The designated zones are selected by the Governor of each state from certain eligible low-income community census tracts, or those eligible for New Market Tax Credit projects.Continue Reading Gov. Murphy Announces “Opportunity Zones” Recommended to Federal Government